Shih Tzu Dogs - Why So Popular?

Published: 27th March 2009
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Shih Tzu dogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. These dogs originated in China where they were palace dogs for the Chinese Emperor. Quite often the terms "regal" and "imperial" are associated with these little dogs.

Shih Tzus are little dogs, ranging in weight from about 9 to 16 pounds. Some dogs have been selected for smaller size, but these do not meet the breed standard for showing. Though the dogs are small, they are stocky and very solid, strong dogs.

The personality of these dogs is one reason they have so many fans. The dogs possess a very lively disposition, but are generally good with other pets and also with children. A Shih Tzu does best as an inside dog with some chances to get outside exercise. These animals are considered a cold climate dog and are very sensitive to high temperatures.

Maybe part of the reason for the high temperature sensitivity of the dogs is the Shih Tzu coat. They have a long flowing double coat great for colder weather. The coat can be styled long or can be cut short as a summer coat. The palm-like tail waves above the body. There is some hair shedding so the hair requires some maintenance including daily brushing to control tangling. Also the snub nose face may require some extra attention to keep the area around the eyes clean and dry.

If you love lively, intelligent dogs that do well indoors, a Shih Tzu may be just the companion for you.

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